Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to Remove Starforce Protection from your PC

Hi guys , this article will tell you how to remove starforce protection driver from your PC

What is Starforce

Starforce is a software copy protection tool installed by PC game publishers, which is designed to prevent the casual copying of retail CDROM applications. It installs as a hidden device driver, without the user’s knowledge

The Problem

Starforce has received criticism for installing its own device driver onto computers. The Starforce drivers are often linked to system instability and computer crashes. If these problems occur, the user would be unware as to the cause of the problem, and would be helpless to solve the problem.

for example under Windows XP, if packets are lost during the reading or writing of a disk, XP interprets this as an error and steps the IDE speed down. Eventually it will revert to 16bit compatibility mode rendering a CD/DVD writer virtually unusable. In some circumstances certain drives cannot cope with this mode and it results in physical hardware failure (Most commonly in multiformat CD/DVD writer drives). A sure sign of this step down occurring is that the burn speeds will get slower and slower (no matter what speed you select to burn at). Starforce, on a regular basis, triggers this silent step down. Until it reaches the latter stages most people do not even realise it is happening.

It has been reported by many users that the slowdown caused by StarForce on some recent multiformat DVD writers can cause irreversible hardware failures on those drives (they aren’t recognized anymore), as they aren’t supposed to write at slow speeds.

How to confirm whether Starforce is in your comp

1.Right Click on My Comp and go to properties .
2.Select device manager from the hardware tab
3.From the view menu ” Show Hidden Devices “
4.Under the nonplug and play device , check whether starforce is there or not

The Removal

1)Directly Remove from the Device manager by removing the device .
2)Download the removal kit from here
For the list of games which install starforce click here

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